Discover Arduino and its programming environment (IDE in English, EDI in French).

Arduino et son environnement de programmation (EDI en français et IDE en anglais). An Arduino board is a small electronic card equipped with a microcontroller : a simple new way to design complex electronic systems.

The microcontroller allows you to program and control components (LEDs, servo motors, potentiometers,etc.) based on events detected by sensors.

Exemples include controlling household appliances (microwaves, oven, coffee maker,etc.) or giving “intelligence” to a robot (mine detector, large area cleaner,…).

During this introductory electronics workshop, create your first simple circuits and control them by programming the Arduino microcontroller.

This workshop will teach you to:

  • understand electronic assembly
  • learn the basics of Arduino programming
  • Equip yourself to delve deeper into the available resource librairies

There are no necessary prerequisites.


April 18
(6:00 pm - 9:00 pm)


FabLab Orange Solidaire
Be Central, Cantersteen 12,
1000 Bruxelles


Taking this workshop will enable you to use our small electronic equipment during Open Labs!
There are no necessary prerequisites.
We have equipment available for you, but it is strongly recommended to come with your own computer, for greater comfort.

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