Introduction to 3D Modeling with Autodesk Fusion (Parametric Software)

3D , finally within your reach!

Imagine being able to create 3D objects, precise mechanical parts, or functional prototypes. This software with its intuitive interface and advanced features will allow you to express all your creativity. We will guide you step-by-step in learning this powerful tool.

Discover and learn 2D and 3D design with Autodesk Fusion parametric CAD software

This workshop will teach you to:

  • Gain mastery of the software’s environnement and philosophy
  • Understand different type of modelling and tools
  • Create and draw in 3D
  • Export 2D, 3D files for use with one of the machines in the Fablab

August 14
(2:00 pm - 5:00 pm)


FabLab Orange
Campus de BeCentral
Cantersteen 12, 1000 Brussels


There are no necessary prerequisites.
We have equipment available for you, but for greater comfort it is strongly recommended to come with your own computer (with your mouse!).

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Orange Digital Center

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Au campus digital de Be central.

10 Cantersteen
1000 Brussels

Metro 1 & 5 - Tram - Bus 38, N08 & N09: Central Station
Train: Brussels Central